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Nikon and Sony Gaining on Canon in Worldwide Digital Camera Market04.18.11

Market study firm IDC released its results about the worldwide camcorder market lately, with exciting specifics of the present market shares of camera producers. From 2009 to 2010, Canon’s share remained completely invariable at Nineteen percent, while #Two player Sony boosted its share from 16.9 percent to 17.9 percent. Nikon in addition grew from 11.1 percent to 12.6 percent. The worldwide market for photo cameras is in addition evolving — last year it boosted Ten percent to 141 million cameras vended.

Here’s a specified breakdown of the present state of the market by IDC:

Worldwide Camcorder Market Shares by Vendor
Vendor 2010 2009
Canon Nineteen Nineteen
Sony 17.9 16.9
Nikon 12.6 11.1
Samsung 11.1 10.9
Kodak 7.4 8.8
Panasonic 7.6 7.6
Olympus 6.1 6.2
Fuji 4.9 5.4
Casio Four 4.7
PENTAX 1.5 1.7
Vivitar 1.2 0.7
Different 6.7 Seven

If these trends carry on, Canon won’t be the 800 lb gorilla in the camcorder market for much longer…

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Laptop Battery Power Ratings and Power Consumption04.16.11

Every laptop battery is given a power rating in order to show you, the consumer, about how long your battery should last before it needs to be recharged. These electrical specifications are given using volts (V) and milliAmps (mAh). For example, you may see your battery is given a rating of: 10.8V, 4000mAh.

Volts and milliAmp hours are used because they measure the amount of energy used by a laptop battery. A volt (V) is a measurement used for the amount of pressure the positive and negative electrodes produce in a battery during the process of discharging energy. Amps (A) measure the amount of resistance the energy in your battery produces in order to power a laptop.

Think of volts and amps in terms of a shower. When a shower is turned on half way, the water that goes through the pipe produces a certain amount of pressure. When you turn it on to its full amount, the water produces more pressure in the pipe. This pressure, or power, is similar to the volts a battery uses. If a laptop is running simple programs, little power is needed to discharge energy into a laptop. However, if a laptop is running a DVD movie or other high energy consumption applications, more power will be needed to discharge the necessary amount of energy to run the DVD movie.

You may also notice that increasing the size of the pipe and shower head without having to open the faucet all the way will produce similar results. This is an example of the amount of resistance in the flow of energy. Measuring this resistance is measured in terms of amps. In terms of a battery, the amount of resistance is dependant on the size of the battery and the amount of energy inside.

Battery life: A Few Things to Consider

Laptop ratings are given in terms of amp hours (Ah). Amp hours measure the length of time a battery will discharge energy before it needs charging. In order to adequately measure battery life, manufacturers use milliAmp hours (mAh). This means that every 1000mAh is equal to 1Ah. What does this mean for your new battery? If your original battery is measured at 2500mAh and your replacement battery is measured at 5000mAh, then your battery run time will double.

Keep in mind that technology constantly changes. Your old battery may be rated at a lower run time than a newer one because of technological advancements that have produced longer lasting batteries.

Additionally, your battery’s run time depends on the programs you use. Some programs require more energy to run than others. Examples are: the screen (particularly if set at the brigh test setting), hard drives, CD and DVD drives, and wireless network cards. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to the question, how long exactly will my laptop battery last? The key factor is how and what you use your laptop for.

One way of conserving power is to go to your Power Management settings icon in the Control Panel. You can shut off settings or programs you do not use. Also consider dimming your screen and shutting off your wireless card when you don’t need it.

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Protect Your iPad With the iPad Protective Case04.14.11

IPad typical accessories including leather case or skin, USB cable, speakers, docks, or headphones. Everyone has a different function. Now a days, but this is not enough to have an iPad, not as the most common iPad headset attachment, cable, iPad case must be necessary for the generation. Because you certainly do not want to end with some scratches, dirty, dirty ipad registered. You must seriously consider using it to protect its thoughtfulness and any potential damage during transport, etc. in the market, with the increase of the charm and style of small tools to provide them with protection.

Not all stores are IPAD accessories requirements. Online store to meet all types of accessories to get a positive iPad bet everything you need. Variety of cases is really amazing, not to mention, docks, speakers and stereo headphones are really forced iPad accessories.

The most important thing is that I pad the case of accessories, including iPad need in the IPAD and rough handling. These cases are a strong conservation projects, and provide convenient iPad easier to handle. Cover is also a great way to ensure that IPAD always looks good.
Now, the question arises of the large number of cases iPad covers available, you should choose which one. No matter the situation iPad is the case, it should be the perfect guardian of your device. IPad both cases, you will choose must be durable and lasting. In fact, the majority of the iPad domain covers the market, iPad leather case is the best, unique. In fact, no one case iPad is like a person not wearing clothes. With changing circumstances in the market to provide a variety of iPad days, you can easily pick any of those most suited to their style and fashion. Leather case iPad iPad in a special category of cases. In the charming brown, black and red to achieve, leather case iPad can be very elegant and magnificent. It is always best to pick the correct and most suitable protective shield for your gadget. Whatever it is, it is always good people come to the fore, but also trying to convey with these small things small things help. You may feel it or not, but it is always a small little thing, many problems in life.

Purchase of a sound network, there are flexible options iPad accessories ensure the quality, the user can choose his / her mind. For a variety of products with your mouse clicks to find, convenient option is the most cherished time to go to a store is impossible. There are many virtual store price is relatively easy to check, the accessories for the iPad.

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Sony Laptop Battery Driver instructions04.12.11

Question :”When I inserted the sony vgp-bps9 battery, the yellow battery light came on and continuously blinks. When I pulled up the battery information, it said that the battery was 52% charged, but not charging.
Then within one minute of turning on the computer, a box opened up saying:
The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer.”.
Click “ok” to enter Hibernate mode, and remove and reinsert the battery.
See the electronic VAIO(R) User Guide for more information about using the sony vgp-bps9/b battery. ”

Laptop Battery Driver instructions

What is a Driver?
A driver is a piece of software that allows the operating system to communicate with the hardware devices in your system. Devices such as video cards, sound cards, and modems all require drivers to function correctly.
How To Install A Driver
1. Shut down your laptop and then remove the sony vgp-bps9 s replacement battery.
2. Use your adapter to turn on the laptop.
3. Insert the CD-Rom into your laptop, go to step 7, if your laptop have setup Autorun function.
4. Double click “my laptop”, then go to step 5, if your laptop didn’t setup Autorun function.
5. Double click CD device.
6. Double click “*.exe” file to run the driver.
7, Click “agree”, then click “run”.
8, The laptop will reboot automatically till it turn off automatically.
9. Plug in replacement battery then Restart your laptop, your battery will now work with your laptop.
1, Don’t turn off laptop while installing
2, Laptop will turn off automatically after updating is complete.

In addition:
1.When the laptop batteries vgp-bps9/s was 0% charged, recommend turn off you laptop, please charge your sony vgp-bpl9 battery 10 minutes then turn on your laptop.
2.Discharge to 10%, please charge the battery.

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How to rebuild a Li-Ion battery pack04.11.11

Did you recently notice poor performance of your notebook Li-Ion battery?. Don’t be taken aback, this is happening even to the best battery! Now days Li-Ion batteries are widely used in portable devices due to there excellent energy to weight ratio and for the reason they are not suffering from “memory effect”.

   These two reasons make them the best choice on portable devices, but not suffering from “memory effect” doesn’t mean it will last for ever! Chemical conversions inside the battery make it to produce electric energy but these chemical reactions aim to attenuate as time and charge cycles pass over.

   When the battery life drops significantly it’s time to search for a replacement, but you will recently find out that most of notebook batteries cost almost 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the laptop at the time you will need to replace the battery. So if you want to keep your laptop but don’t want to spend much money for battery replacement it’s time to think about rebuild it your own, replacing each individual cell inside the pack.

But before step on this you must consider many parameters messing around Li-Ion batteries, about the way they are charged and the way you must handle them.

Features of lithium Ion batteries:

High energy density that reaches 400 Wh/L (volumetric energy density) or 160Wh/Kg (mass energy density).
 High voltage. Nominal voltage of 3,6V or even 3,7V on newer Li-Ion batteries.
 No memory effect. Can be charged any time, but they are not as durable as NiMH and NiCd batteries.
 High charge currents (0,5-1A) that lead to small charging times (around 2-4 hours).
 Flat discharge voltage allowing the device to stable power throughout the discharge period.
 Typical charging Voltage 4,2 ± 0,05V.
 Charging method: constant current – constant voltage (CV-CC).
 Typical operation voltage 2,8V to 4,2V
 Recommended temperature range 0-40

Charging Characteristics:

Charging method is constant current – constant voltage (CV-CC). This means charging with constant current until the 4.2V are reached by the cell (or 4,2V x the number of cells connected in series) and continuing with constant voltage until the current drops to zero. The charge time depends on the charge level of the battery and varies from 2-4 hours for full charge. Also Li-Ion cannot fast charge as this will increase their temperature above limits. Charging time increases at lower temperatures.

Charge current is recommended to be set at 0,7CmA (where C is battery capacity). If voltage is below 2,9V per cell it’s recommended to charge at 0,1CmA. Charging environment must have a temperature between 0-40. Maximum discharge current must not exceeds 1.0CmA and discharge voltage must not go below 3,0V


At a typical 100% charge level at 25, Li-ion batteries irreversibly lose approximately 20% capacity per year from the time they are manufactured, even when unused. (6% at 0, 20% at 25, 35% at 40). When stored at 40% charge level, these figures are reduced to 2%, 4%, 15% at 0, 25 and 40 respectively. Every deep discharge cycle decreases their capacity also.

100 cycles leave the battery with about 75% to 85% of the original capacity. When used in notebook computers or cellular phones, this rate of deterioration means that after three to five years the battery will have capacities too low to be still usable.

 Self discharge:

One great advantage of Li-Ion batteries is their low self-discharge rate of only approximately 5% per month, compared with over 30% per month and 20% per month in nickel metal hydride batteries and nickel cadmium batteries respectively.

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Skills for extend laptop battery life04.09.11

In recent years, lithium-ion batteries in laptop computers spread rapidly, due to lithium-ion batteries have basically eliminated the “memory effect” problem, Battery it is used repeatedly to restore the depth of battery charge and discharge performance of the methods no longer apply. But lithium-ion battery capacity reduction occurs, or why the problem? The root causes of that situation, it is used in notebook computers and Li-ion battery built-in battery management system caused.

Battery management: current notebook computers, almost all adopted the “battery management” and “charge and discharge control” of two chip-level management system. The “battery management chip” placed in the notebook itself, the chip registers in the computer stores the lithium-ion battery capacity, battery temperature, ID serial number, charge and discharge status, total charge and discharge times and other important information. The data information in the course of the need to constantly refresh the actual situation. The battery built-in “charge and discharge control chip,” the most important role is to monitor and control the battery charge and discharge the entire process and be documented.

Charge: Lithium-ion battery charging process of the whole, divided into “fast charge constant current” and “reduced charge constant current” two phases. The so-called “constant current fast charge” means the charge in the beginning, Battery the charge current constant while the charge voltage to follow the battery voltage increased gradually until it reaches the nominal voltage of the charging. When the battery voltage has reached the standard value, the control chip will automatically turn into “reduced charge constant current” phase, this time charging voltage will no longer continue to rise, while the charge current to follow the battery capacity is increasing gradually decreasing and eventually reach zero, so it completed the full battery charging.

At the same time, the charge generated during the charging voltage, current and time data curve, will be recorded in the battery’s “charge and discharge control chip” in the memory. “Battery Management”Battery is through the retrieval of the data, calculated by sampling data such as battery capacity, which is what we read in the BatteryInformation in the Wh value.

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Research Team Advances Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Renewable Energy Solutions04.09.11

Founded in 2001, Energetics Incorporated has focused on advanced energy technologies, primarily in the areas of next-generation lithium ion batteries, fuel cells for portable power, hydrogen and syngas production from biomass, and hydrogen purification and reforming technologies. The company’s founder and chief executive, Subramanian Iyer, will serve as Principal Technologist for QuantumSphere and will leverage more than 30 years of experience in technology advances for metallurgy, batteries, fuel cells and renewable energy technologies.

Batteries are struggling to keep up with consumer energy and power demands, and my team members and I are focused on game-changing increases in rechargeable Li-ion battery capacity and power density to directly address this issue,” Iyer said. “Leveraging QuantumSphere’s existing infrastructure, scientific team and commercial relationships will allow us to accelerate development and commercialization of key portable power and clean energy technologies quickly and cost-effectively.”

Iyer’s research has focused on alkaline polymeric membrane fuel cells, regenerative fuel cells and high-temperature fuel cells for internally-reformed hydrocarbons, in addition to rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Iyer has secured grants for his research from the National Science Foundation, U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy, as well as the Energy Innovations Small Grants Program of the California Energy Commission and the San Diego based Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technologies. Before founding Energetics Incorporated, Iyer was a team leader for metallurgy, welding, corrosion and non-destructive testing for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. He also spent 3 years at General Electric as an aircraft engineer, in addition to 12 years in India in the metallurgical and aircraft engine sectors. Iyer received a bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering from Rajasthan University, India, and a master’s degree in financial management from Bombay University, India.

“The world is looking for new ways to face its energy challenges, and new technology will help address many of those challenges,” said Amit Kumar, a member of QuantumSphere’s scientific advisory team and President and CEO of Combimatrix Corp (Nasdaq:CBMX). “QuantumSphere has done a great job in developing technologies to address some of those challenges and Energetics Incorporated is developing advanced lithium ion batteries, fuel cell technologies, and bio fuels to address another set of challenges. As one company, QuantumSphere can now address a broader scope of portable power and renewable energy applications and is better equipped to help the world move away from the use of fossil fuels.”

QuantumSphere has successfully applied its advanced catalyst materials and high rate electrode designs to increase performance in disposable batteries by more than 320% and for cleaner, more efficient production of hydrogen from electrolysis. The Company’s Nano NiFe™ electrodes increase hydrogen gas output in electrolysis systems by 300% at 85% efficiency and pave the way for on-demand hydrogen needed for industrial and mass transportation applications.

“The acquisition of Energetics Incorporated will significantly expand QuantumSphere’s IP portfolio and provide us with the ability to develop a wide range of products in the portable power and clean energy arenas,” said Kevin Maloney, President and CEO of QuantumSphere, Inc. “As we continue to execute on our focused plan to deliver improved electrodes for disposable batteries, hydrogen production, develop better and less expensive fuel cell components, and build next generation high capacity lithium ion battery systems, we believe these commercially viable solutions will help lower our dependency on fossil fuels in a variety of industrial and transportation applications. We welcome Subra Iyer and his team to QuantumSphere and look forward to advancing our common goals in building a profitable company and a more sustainable clean energy economy.”

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