Review Dell Vostro V13 Notebook

Posted in Laptop Review on Mar 15, 2012

The V13 is one of Dell’s Vostro range of small-business notebooks, though you wouldn’t know it to look at it. Its extremely slim exterior, with design elements borrowed from the Dell Adamo Thirteen, brings a touch of style to the dull business arena. The newcomer hopes to offer increased productivity and security, and is equipped with the latest technology. Find out how successful it is in our comprehensive review.


Tightly packed insides

Thin aluminium sheet instead of the usual plastic

The case is made almost completely of aluminium, which strikes us as highly unusual given the price of the laptop. It is the kind of high-quality material you would expect to see on expensive portable computers like the Apple MacBook Pro or the Dell Adamo. The V13 is only a few millimetres larger than record-holders such as the Apple MacBook Air, the Samsung X360 or Dell’s own Adamo Thirteen.


The layout of the ports, in our opinion, has been perfectly successful, with audio ports for a headset positioned on the front, card readers on the side, and all other connections on the back. This is perhaps slightly less convenient for adding and removing peripherals, but it leaves your work area less cluttered.


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