Asus A32-k72 Battery Overview and Tips

Posted in Laptop Batteries on Mar 26, 2012

How to increase your asus a32-k72 battery life in emergency situations?

1. Unplug all USB devices and remove CDs.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use.

3. Disable Bluetooth.

4. Lower your screen brightness and turn on high-contrast mode.

5. Turn off backlit keyboards.

6. Close messaging software and apps that ping the internet in the background (such as Skype).

7. Minimise hard drive usage (searching for files).

8. Prevent scheduled tasks from running (such as updates or computer scans).

9. Close unnecessary programs (see icons in the dock), right click on each and close/exit.

The asus a32-k72 battery Specification:




Cells:6 Cells

Fit Models:

  • Asus X7BS
  • Asus X7BSN
  • Asus X7BSV

Compatible Part Numbers:

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