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Laptop battery calibration techniques05.26.14

Shorter battery life, not the battery itself.

For the battery using time within 1 year, shorter battery life, often not because of battery normal aging, but because the battery in the process of many times of charging and discharging, notebook BIOS system has a miscalculation on battery power. Original battery has a certain power, but mistakenly think that the BIOS battery has run out, let your laptop to force to turn it off. If appear this kind of battery life shrink, the first battery quality problem is not busy to conclusions, and can be done by “cell calibration” this simple and easy way to let the rest of the power out into full play.

How to make “battery calibration”

Battery calibration method is more than one, there are generally three kinds of ways: using BIOS battery calibration program, manual Battery Calibration and use third party Battery Calibration software. Here mainly to talk about the first two correction methods.

Tips: do not recommend the use of third party Battery Calibration software. As for the reason, first of all need to install third party software, not the former two methods is simple; secondly, the correction principle behind is similar, there wasn’t too much unique local third party software, but also a potential security risk. So in the front two methods can complete battery calibration case, does not recommend the use of third party software.

The standard correction: correction function used the books of BIOS battery

Many brands of laptops in the BIOS, integrated with battery Calibration procedures, general English is called “‘ Calibration”, namely “Battery check”. Directly into the laptop BIOS battery calibration operation, will be finished here in asus notebook, for example, simple talk about how to operate, the operation of the other laptop similar way.

Step 1: boot, boot screen after press “F2″ to enter the BIOS menu; Through the or so direction key, the Power menu choice.

Step 2: enter the Power menu, you can see “Start ‘Calibration” option, select it and press the return key.

Step 3: then the screen will become blue, have English tips, and requested the notebook power adapter plug in to recharge the battery. After the battery is full, such as screen and prompt the user to disconnect the ac adapter. Notebook to continue after discharge the battery until the battery runs out.

Step 4: the process over a period of time, such as automatic shutdown after its battery runs out, then plug in the ac adapter to recharge the battery, but don’t start up. (charge indicator extinguished) after fully charged, such as cell calibration process is completed.

This operation is the official battery correction method, the entire process takes about 4 to 5 hours and more time-consuming. If you find that your laptop battery doesn’t work long time, such as a few months, battery life is better than at the beginning, and laptop BIOS with this function, suggested to implement it.

Introduce the necessary procedures manual Battery Calibration

Step 1: in the operating system (Windows XP), into the “power options”. “Choose to use the scheme of” power to “open”, and to “close the monitor”, “off the hard disk” is the most short time, while the system standby should be set to “never”.

Step 2: in the “Power Options” “alert”, cancel all alert options, the purpose is to let the battery is fully drained until the shutdown.

Step 3: set of finished, close the application, all closed WIFI, unplug the power adapter, battery powered. Don’t do any operation, until the battery is depleted shutdown. The estimation process is relatively long, may take several hours. After discharge, even the power adapter, the battery is full, then completed a battery calibration.

After correction, whether to try the battery life time increased, if not clear, can be in accordance with the above method again, but is not recommended for regular. If the battery has a long time of use, and the battery after correction, the effect is not obvious, it may be the battery life of its own natural aging. In addition, if the laptop battery is normal, we do not recommend battery calibration operation.

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Some good ways to clean up the notebook keyboard05.25.14

First analysis if you have any impurities dirt is your keyboard surface, the cleaning method is very simple. After the first turn off the laptop shut down, and then with a clean piece of soft wet cloth to wipe the surface of the keyboard, but not too wet. Or water flow to the inside. Or to buy a bottle of some computer city computer cleaner, in general, just a few dollars. Then cleaning method to clean the surface can be used directly.

If your laptop keyboard, of course, is the gap between the keyboard need to clean up, then you can pass a small hair brush to clean up, try to weaknesses in the small hair brush. Or damaged the keyboard bad, suggest it is better to go to computer city, of course, buying a dedicated usb keyboard cleaner, half the price of 10 a few dollars. So it can absorb the dust and dirt, but also for laptop keyboard do not cause damage.

Finally if with gaps in the depth of the dirt not be removed, and laptop keyboard keys to separate is not good, so how to clean up?

1, the first to know very well the internal structure of the laptop keyboard, laptop keyboard is X architecture, it is made of two pieces of the lower end of the support frame is fixed on the keyboard base plate, a can slide along the fixed card slot, a rotating around a fixed axis, the structure of the upper and lower end is the same, when we press the keyboard, the structure of the two pieces of parallel four-bar brace force running down, this stress is relatively uniform, press up to have the handle, if uneven force, press down the crooked, not comfortable. Know the structure of the laptop keyboard, then we started to remove the key cap, generally speaking, the support frame and rotating parts of the key cap connection “is located in the top of the key cap, esc key is on the right, the blank space key is above. But does not rule out the brand of different parts are also different. In the first place to the swivel at the top of the scaffold, because we can directly through the part of the brain that make an effort to pull open, and won’t harm the laptop keyboard, damage to the keyboard. After apart, can directly use the USB vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard.

2, finally after cleaning, the keyboard and some residual moisture, moisture after drying can be turned on the computer use, if the user is try so hard, with a computer can use hair dryer cold wind to blow away. Then remove the key cap on the installation back, direct slide on the supporting frame can be part of the key card into the hat of card slot, and then gently downward keyboard, keycap feel stuck in.

But remind friends here, if you are to be unfamiliar with the keyboard, or don’t remove the laptop keyboard keys, are screwed if damaged. Directly to help you clean up the repair shop. Small make up about how to clean up the laptop keyboard is introduced here, hope to help you.

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