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Acer 33.Q7KN2.001 fan
Acer 33.Q7KN2.001 fan

Replacement for Acer 33.Q7KN2.001 screen hinges shafts

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Six months from the receipt date
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Type: Laptop screen hinges shafts
Unit: 1 PCS left hinge and 1 PCS right hinge
Warranty: Six months from the receipt date

After some years of usage, the laptop hinges might be damaged due to tightening because of dust, mechanical damage or excessive usage produces heat making the plastic around the hinges brittle. If your laptop does suffer from the broken Acer 33.Q7KN2.001 hinges its best if you avoid trying to open the screen, which could exacerbate the problem.

Welcome to buy this new hinegs to replace the broken Acer 33.Q7KN2.001 screen hinges from Please compare our images with the broken part before purchase. Orders are usually sent out within 24 hours after the payments are verified(Sun. and most national holidays excluded).

  • 33.Q7KN2.001
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