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Terms Conditions supplies a wide selection of replacement Gigabyte laptop CPU cooling fans. All these CPU fans for Gigabyte laptops are made with the high quality parts giving you the best performance. Browse our selection below or contact us for assistance.

Choose laptop model or part number
Aero 15x
Aero 15 X9
Aero 15w
Aero 14 P64w
Aero 14 Rp64w
P35X v4
P35W v3
Aero 15 Xa
Aero 15 Y9
Aorus 15-xa
Sabre 17
Sabre 15 2018
Sabre Pro 15
Sabre Pro 15-cf2
Sabre Pro 15w-kb3
Aorus X9 Dt
Aorus X7 V7
Aorus X5s V5
Aorus X5 V8
Aorus X5 V6
Aero 15 Sa
Aorus 15g Kc-8uk2130sh
Aorus 15g Nb
Aorus 15g Sb
Aorus 15g Sb-7au1130mh
Aorus 15g Sb-7uk1130mh
Aorus 15g Sb-7us1130mh
Aorus 15g Wb
Aorus 15g Wb-8us2130mh
Aorus 15g Xb
Aorus 15g Xb-8us2130mp
Aorus 15g Xc
Aorus 15g Xc-8de2430sh
Aorus 15g Xc-8uk2430sh
Aorus 15g Xc-8us2430sh
Aorus 15g Yb
Aorus 15g Yb-8us2130mp
Aorus 15g Yb-9us2430mp
Aorus 15g Yc
Aorus 15g Yc-8de2450sh
Aorus 15g Yc-8uk2450sh
Aorus 15g Yc-8us2450sh
Aorus 15g Kb
Aorus 15g Kb-8uk2130mh
Aorus 15g Kb-8us2130mh
Aorus 15g Kc
Aorus 15g Kc 8de2130sh
Aorus 15p Kc
Aorus 15p Kc-8au2130sh
Aorus 15p Kc-8de2130sh
Aorus 15p Kc-8es2130sh
Aorus 15p Kc-8uk2130sh
Aorus 15p Xc
Aorus 15p Xc-8de2430sh
Aorus 15p Xc-8fr2430sh
Aorus 15p Xc-8uk2430sh
Aorus 15p Xc-8us2430sh
Aorus 17g Xb
Aorus 17g Xb-7de11b0mh
Aorus 17g Xb-7us1130mh
Aorus 17g Xb-8uk6150mh
Aorus 17g Xb-8us2130mp
Aorus 17g Xb-8us6150mh
Aero 15 Oled Kb
Aero 15 Oled Kb-8us5130sp
Aero 15 Oled Na
Aero 15 Oled Sa
Aero 15 Oled Sa-7us5020sh
Aero 15 Oled Sa-7us5130sh
Aero 15 Oled Sb
Aero 15 Oled Sb-8us5130sh
Aero 15 Oled Wa
Aero 15 Oled Wb
Aero 15 Oled Wb-8us5130sp
Aero 15 Oled Xa
Aero 15 Oled Xa-7us5130sp
Aero 15 Oled Xa-9us5130sp
Aero 15 Oled Xb-8us51b0sp
Aero 15 Oled Ya
Aero 15 Oled Yb
Aero 15 Oled Yb-8us5450sp
Aero 15 Oled Yb-9us5430sp
Aero 15 Oled Yb-9us5750sp
Aero 15 Oled Yc
Aero 15 Oled Yc-9us5760sp
Aorus 17g Xc
Aorus 17g Xc-8us6430sh
Aero 15 X9-9rt4k5mp
Aero 15 X9-9rt5
Aero 15 X9-rt4k5mp
Aero 15 X9-rt5p
Aero 15x V8
Aero 15x V8-bk4
Aero 15x V8-bk4k4p
Aorus 15 W9
Aorus 15 W9-rt4bd
Aorus 15 X9
Aorus 15 X9-rt4bd
Aorus 15 Sa
Aorus 15 Sa-f74adw
Aorus 5 Na
Aorus 5 Na-7us1121sh
Aorus 7 Sa
Aorus 7 Sa-7us1330sh
Aorus 5 Kb
Aorus 5 Kb-7us1130sh
Aorus 5 Sb
Aorus 5 Mb