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DELTA BSC0805HA-00 fan
DELTA BSC0805HA-00 fan

Replacement for DELTA BSC0805HA-00 CPU cooling fan

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Six months from the receipt date
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Power: DC05V, 0.60A
Connector: 4 wires 4 pins
Warranty: Six months from the receipt date

The DELTA BSC0805HA-00 fan could stop working if it becomes too clogged with dust, or suffers damage from an accidental drop. The limited space and ventilation causes heat to build up very quickly in a laptop. If your laptop is overheat or the cooling fan is noisy, the fan may require replacement. This fan replacement helps the laptop to keep the central processing unit cool.

Our DELTA BSC0805HA-00 CPU fan is brand new, 4 wires 4 pins and DC05V, 0.60A and comes with six months warranty.

Becasue there are many manufacturers of laptop fans, please compare the images with your old part before purchase. If you want the same fan, please specify the manufacturer of the fan you need when you place an order. Orders are usually sent out within 24 hours after the payments are verified(Sun. and most national holidays excluded).

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